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Her Name is Eva. 

She's very loving, very sweet and very very soft. 

She's also a bit pushy. She wouldn't really let me leave the room. She'd rush front of me and sit on my feet.

I ended up having to put her all the way up on Nat's Loft bed so I'd have enough time to leave before she came down again.

She's adorable.

So I got into Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington!!!

No Matter what I am out of here next year!


I shall miss my good friends such as my Mali. I love you girl and don't worry we will stay in touch.

Plus Maggie is headed all the way to DC so we will be on completely different sides of the country, East Coast for her, West Coast for me.Ugh...And I love you too Maggie. 

But I am still very very happy.



Since I'm assuming most all of you, who are applying, have sent in your applications for college, I'm sure I'm not the only one freaking out. Willamette, UPS and Evergreen State all don't notify until April 1st so I have some time still to panic but as soon as I know it this month will be over and rejection letters will start flowing....fuck. Sorry panicing a bit.

BUT... on a good note....

My mom is talking to me again, not as much and it still seems a bit cold shouldered but still she's speaking to me again, which is good.

Also good news is that Ryan, not C. from MHSA, but MY Ryan and I went to see the movie Breach over the weekend. It's the one about the Spy in 2001, starring Chris Cooper and Ryan Philleppe. It was INCREDIBLE guys. I'm serious, you should all jump at the chance to see it. Great movie.

I think I'm sick again. Swear to god, eiher my immune system is dead or I've got something because this is insane. Abdominal pain, severe headache and still having those caughing fits that mak me bleed and lose muscle control. Fuck that. They better get the blood tests back soon. 

Still Cheery,
Laura :DeB

My Aunt Debbie has been dating this guy Mike since forever like 22 years forever andI think he got a bit Tipsy at My grandpa's 80th birthday and in the over crowded limo that grandpa had arrived in, as we were driving to get back to my dad's house wouldn't leave me alone.

I'm not saying it was completely obvious but it was there, the whole time he was hushing aunt debbie harshly, kept his arm around me and his hand on my ass while he insulted anyone who wasn't extreme right minded, politically I mean. And then when people called him out on it he would pull me closer and breath down my neck about how he feels so unloved and picked on....ew. Disturbing much?

So yeah shined a new light on my "Uncle Mike" 

Mali, miss you so much right now. We need to go see a movie together or bowling or discovery world I don't care but we need to see eachother outside of school because I'm dying so screw everything, You and I are going to have a carefree night...and if it happens to end in mad lesbian sex so be it.

Maggie, we need to get together again too, maybe tomorrow? Possibly? Perhaps? plus you need to send your part. I miss you boo.

As for the "Peter Pan" issue. I haven't messaged him back and I'm not going to. I need to forget it but, it's fair to Ryan, plus I don't like Ryan that way. So....alright that's my two cents. Have fun.

By the Way, Maggie, My favorite song on the Jeeves and Wooster Soundtrack has to be "A Weekend in the Country" it's so beautiful and it makes me sad/happy....sappy....had...you know where you're not sad or angry or happy but you aren't blank, you want to cry and laugh and scream all at once? Get it?

Love you all. Tootles!
The rap makes me hate life, but the end song makes me love life. So conflicting views but since Hugh Laurie is a sexy beast, I say lovin' life is the best way to go. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uedqLQg7QPc
Hey, I haven't updated in awhile but thought I would.
I'm sort of tired and drained so not much to say but I found my new favorite drink ((It's alcoholic but not hard liquer, it's like only 5% alc so, no big, don't get mad maggie)) But Bacardi Silver, Strawberry flavored. it's heaven, yumm.....

Umm also I found these two vids on youtube, one is Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert:


And the other is Jesus:

Oh Wow!
So I was on facebook and up came a pop up, as they usually do. It was titled "Jesus Didn't Exist, here is why...." And I was laughing at at so I went to the site:


Notice the add, It's a movie about how Jesus was invented and the add says, "Order now, it's perfect holiday gift" and had a picture of it in a stocking.....

How funny is that? I so want to get someone that on this non-existant man's birthday.

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG.........


My dreams......all of them......my life is complete. I can die now

Well.....no it didn't happen, but it will one day I tell you! If not....something bad is gonna happen. I ove you Robin!